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?Once upon a time, a man bought a house. One day, a representative of the real estate company arrived and handed him the key. On arriving at his new house and opening the door, he stopped in amazement. For on an ornamental coffee table, he saw an expensive bottle of champagne and a $500 voucher for goods from a nearby supermarket.?

An incident in Los Angeles, USA

Can this happen in Sri Lanka?

Yes. Truly, something even more amazing is now happening in Sri Lanka.

That is the newest land project from Prime Lands, ?Paradise City? in Athurugiriya.

When you visit the site this weekend, specifically the 28th of September, you will notice these features in the ?Paradise City? project.

1.? ? ? A completely constructed vast swimming pool.

Beautiful specifically constructed jogging paths in the beautiful fields neighboring the site.

The open gymnasium.

24-Hour active private security service stalls.


Do not be amazed. All you have t do is buy a plot of land from there and build a house, to become a part of this large housing complex.

In addition, from among the landowners of ?Paradise City?, 10 selected lucky winners will receive tickets for a tour of Thailand.

Athurugiriya is a fast developing town in close proximity to Colombo. ?Paradise City' is situated near the Outer Colombo Circuit, which forms a three-way intersection between the Southern, Airport, and Kandy expressways, near Athurugiriya, and across beautiful rolling fields.

For the last 20 years, Prime lands, taking our motto of ?committed to creating a better place on earth? to heart, has taken the prime role in supplying land and housing to the multitudes in the country and now stands as the leader in the Real Estate in Sri Lanka.

Prime Lands has always espoused the principle that people are the most important part of a business. That is why, along our long journey, so many people have flocked under the ?Prime? banner.

The real estate industry is the industry that often has the greatest disparity between promises and reality.

Most of these promises take the form of Three-phase electricity, tube wells, wide streets, bank loans, water tanks? Some even try to lure in customers with promises of gold coins, foreign trips, and several other ?gifts?. However, the times these promises have actually been realized are negligible.

It is no secret that a person who guides someone in building his home becomes one of the closest people in their life. ?Prime Lands? is the only company in this country to have maintained this close unbroken bond with the people of this country for the last 20 years. It is with the fulfillment of promises and the requited trust by the customers that Prime Lands has risen to the level it is at now.

Comprising of a vast swimming pool, jogging paths, 24-Hour security, and all other utilities, ?Paradise City? consists of over 200 blocks of land, each containing 6 or 8 perch.

In the history of the industry, no other real estate company has acquired the ISO certification. Prime Lands is the first company to achieve this certification based on three criteria; Purchase of land, Development of land, and the Sale of land. Prime Lands is also the only Real Estate company in Sri Lanka to be awarded in the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

In the modern world, business specialists do not measure the success of a company merely by its accumulated wealth, but by the positive influence, it brings to society. In that criterion, Prime eclipses most companies, both here and abroad.

In the U.D.C. International Business Award Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Prime Lands Group was awarded Sri Lanka?s Best Enterprise for this very reason.

A very organized international award ceremony, the U.D.C. Awards measure the goodwill, the preservation of values, and the innovation in their respective field of a company.

A properly organized, managed organization headed by a strong personality can achieve a lot in terms of helping human life. A true organization should be one that identifies the needs of the people, was created for the people, and believes in a vision tempered by human values.

Those who have come to Prime Lands dreaming of their own land or housing have experienced this very truth, and they will be privileged to have experienced it.

Athurugiriya ?Paradise City? is another huge step in the journey of Prime Lands. It is a signal for you that the life you?ve dreamt about is ready for you to live.

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