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Everyone aspires to own a great piece of property. We, at Prime Lands, made it our aim to make this dream a reality. Assume you wish to buy land to build a house for you and your family. Prime Lands provide you with a selection of the most excellent land alternatives in the country, as well as a variety of support services, such as legal and financial assistance, to help you realize your property dreams. In Sri Lanka's highly competitive real estate market, Prime Lands acquired over 300,000 customers, sufficient proof of Prime Lands' capacity and leadership in the real estate industry. 




Prime Lands (Pvt) Ltd was founded 29+ years ago with the vision of “Committed to creating a better place on earth.” Started small with only four employees, Prime Group, quickly rose to the top of the real estate business in Sri Lanka with having a clear market focus, a high level of financial discipline, and implementing innovative marketing approaches. 



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QUALITY policy

To delight our customers, Prime Lands provide high-quality, value-added solutions & build trust and loyalty by providing better value for money and timely, personalized, and pleasant service.  We recognize our employees as valuable assets and the lifeblood of our company. By constructing projects in accordance with the environment and society, we take care of the environment and society. To respect and fulfill the corporate social duty, we bequeath to environmental and humanitarian projects regularly.


As the leading real estate company in Sri Lanka, we feel and acknowledge that corporate responsibility (CR) is critical to building a profitable business while maintaining a respected and trustworthy brand. We are dedicated to "creating a better place on earth" through our actions as responsible corporate citizens. The natural environment, our community, and our stakeholder philosophy are all defined in this way.


Brahmanage Premalal
Group Chairman

Since our humble beginnings in 1995 as a small real estate company with only four employees, we have made our aim of continuous growth and progress a realistic reality over the last 29 years. Despite all difficulties and several challenges, we have persevered in our efforts to attain our objectives. It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have grown to become Sri Lanka's largest and most reputable real estate company.

Our long-term strategic vision and unwavering commitment to professionalism have guided us to success throughout the years. Our long-term strategy has ensured that the company has a clear growth path to follow over the years and into the future. In all of our interactions, we are committed to the highest professional ethics and industry best practices, which has earned us a reputation for unrivaled professionalism in the local real estate market.

In addition, we have guaranteed that all of our activities are compliant with all existing legislation. Our unrivaled competitive edge has been the cornerstone to our success, thanks to our professional service standards and exceptional client devotion.

However, our ultimate goal is to grow into an international firm that provides the most remarkable quality services to our clients. We are devoted to providing the highest value to all of our stakeholders during this journey, ensuring their pleasure while expanding.

Sandamini Perera
Group Co-Chairperson

The Sri Lankan Real Estate market leader, Prime Lands, was founded on a solid foundation of expertise and vision. Our most devoted employees, who have helped propel the firm to its current heights, have been our biggest champions on this trip.

We have created an unrivaled body of experts within our domains throughout the years, equipped all of them with the technical skills, credentials, and experience needed to deliver the best services in our industry. Despite the rising competition, we are happy to say that our devoted employees have been with us from the beginning. We have one of the most outstanding employee retention rates in the business.

Our Employee Code of Ethics guarantees that our clients receive the most significant level of professional service. We also invest in continual training and development for our employees to maintain the highest service standards, which has allowed for the personal growth and development of our employees and the firm. The deep connections of friendship & commitment that have been instilled in the workplace allow teamwork produces outcomes for our clients that are above and above the industry norm.

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to investing in our employees to help them develop their skills and abilities to realize our goal of being an internationally standard organization. Throughout this journey, we will not lose sight of our promise to our customers, and we will continue to strive to delight them in all of our interactions.

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