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Real estate industry can offer you just what you need after an analysis done by a real leader who has an unchallenged experience for the past 20 years. Our experience has benefitted many satisfied customers who will vouch for our ingenuity.

Real Estate Consultancy

Choosing a suitable land might be a difficult decision. With the 20 year experience in the real estate industry, we are equipped with a strong team of professionals who will guide you towards making the prime decision

Transport Facilities

We help you decide on a suitable land by providing free transportation to see prospective sites to help you choose your ideal location

Legal Facilities

We have our own land legal division that is always ready to help you with your legal concerns

Financial services 

We are always willing to facilitate customers who require financial aid. We provide special payment plans and can arrange bank loan facilities to suit your needs



We ensure all approvals related to your land are taken accurately from relevant authorities to reduce your time and effort in selecting a land

Payment OptionsPrime Homes Sri Lanka

Outright Cash Payment Method

if you make payments in this method, you will be entitled to "RECEIVE ATTRACTIVE CASH DISCOUNTS"

That is, if you are able to pay 40% within two weeks and balance before one month period after the reservation.

Six Months Interest Free Scheme

This method is designed to give you a six months interest free time to settle 6 installments by paying 40% within 2 weeks after the reservation.

Bank Loan Scheme

You can obtain a loan from any government or private bank in Sri Lanka, if you are to purchase our lands and properties. This is our main strength in the real estate industry. If you pay 40% after the reservation, will finalize all documentation required for your loans, under the direction.We provide all the documents and arrange the loan through our officer. You need not come to bank more than twice. National Savings Bank has the lowest interest rate for your information.

PEP Scheme

This is the unique payment method which is designed to pay as you earn. We provide a 1-5 year period of repayment. Required to pay 40%-50% initially, the rest can be paid by this method. This is the only method that you don’t have to produce income documents. No guarantors required.

Flexible Method

This method will be provided to the customers who are abroad, call on 0714756010 to get details.

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