Corporate Responsibility

As the leading real estate company in Sri Lanka, we believe and recognize that Corporate Responsibility (CR) is integral to – being a successful business entity by maintaining a respected and trusted brand. Therefore, we are dedicated towards ‘creating a better place on earth’ through our actions as a responsible corporate citizen. This is what defines our philosophy towards the natural environment, our communities and our stakeholders.


Comply with the spirit, as well as the letter, of all applicable environmental legislation, approved codes of practice and any other requirements not codified by law, to which we subscribe. As a real estate developer, we are highly conscious about the impact of our actions on the environment and we are committed towards safeguarding our natural environment for future generations. Therefore, we co-operate fully and maintain open relationships with all regulatory authorities to ensure transparency in all transactions, while also ensuring minimum environmental impacts.

We also comply with all of the environmental requirements of our clients

In addition, we continually improve the environmental sustainability of our operations by reducing negative environmental impacts and by enhancing positive impacts, wherever reasonably practicable.


Link rewards and recognition, with ability, performance and contribution to become an employer of choice.

We believe our success lies in our people. Therefore, we strive to create a fulfilling work environment that accommodates the personal growth and developmental aspirations of our employees with that of the company. As part of this process we, ensure training and development and growth opportunities for all our employees based on merit.


Exceed the expectations of our customers in all our transactions and provide our clients with a high standard of service.

Our customer centric approach has ensured high customer satisfaction and has also contributed towards making us Sri Lanka’s market leader in real estate. We believe in providing exceptional value and professional services that have resulted in mutually beneficial, long term partnerships, rather than short term transactional relationships. Our growing customer base is indicative of the trust and confidence placed on us by our customers.

Business Ethics

Place the highest value on integrity and loyalty, carry out our business according to high ethical standards.

We maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all our transactions, and ensure professionalism across all levels of activities through training and stringent internal processes. These safeguards have created a reputation for Prime Lands as a professional real estate service provider in the country.

While complying with all relevant regulations, we have also instilled the best industry ethical practices among our workforce, ensuring an unparalleled level of integrity in our operations.


Our community support activities are varied and h2erse. Management and staff are actively engaged in a wide-ranging program of community support for schools, professional bodies and where we can use our expertise to contribute to the efforts and livelihoods of others.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we acknowledge our responsibility towards our society and in addition to financial growth; we also incorporate community development within our overall business objectives. Therefore, our objectives include facilitating a better quality of life for all people in the country, by supporting welfare and development opportunities whenever possible.

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